WIP – Environnement Design based on NYC Central Park

:) First black and white draft that will later be used for color. MChabot_NAND159_DesignEnv_TP1_v002

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WIP – Particle Simulation using ICE

Another little work in progress. I need to work on the appearance of the particles and make them look like dust!

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WIP – Environment Design

Basing myself on a picture I took this summer in Vancouver, I am starting to design a new environment. I would like to add modern human constructions in there, give it a little oomph. That’s for later though! :D


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WIP- Tree Frog rig :)

WIP – Tree Frog Rig Demo from Marie-Soleil Chabot on Vimeo.


(PS: the rig is from me, and the mesh is from Hugo Bourgeois)

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Train rig and Animation

Made in Maya. The modeling is by Matthieu Rochette.

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ICE Particle Simulation

This is a simulation made using ICE (in XSI). The shape you see in the middle is the alpha channel of a keyed shot (in NUKE) for later compositing.

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Still Life – Photorealism study (3D render)

Still Life - Photorealism study (3D render)

We had to inspire ourselves with a still life painting. I chose to use Baker’s painting :


Made using Softimage and photoshop!

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