SIGGRAPH 2012 – One of my best experiences ever!


Siggraph 2012 (in LA) was awesome. Just…awesome. My (too few) 18 hours of volunteer work for the organisation, added to the tons of great hours I spent watching dailies, attending conferences and courses, wandering in the exhibition hall, gathering goodies were just absolutely great, in every part (or should I say pixel).

If I had anything to tell to the people who have never attended a SIGGRAPH conference before, it’s only ”GO! DO IT!” Because it’s soooo worth it! I have learned more (stuff about professional work) in a week at siggraph than during months in school, where they put you in this little comfy little learning space. Siggraph was a jungle of raw knowledge, professional social gathering, parties, (more parties), experiences with new softwares and plugins, new technologies, combined with art… šŸ˜€

I will definitely try to go back again next year!!


One thought on “SIGGRAPH 2012 – One of my best experiences ever!

  1. I have absolutely no way of messaging you :p I’ve come here a few times and checked things out, this is just my first message/comment. Anyway, I met you while you were working at a Canadiens game in March. I finally got the chance to try bun bo hue today, but still have not had bo luc lac or the betel leaves(hopefully you remember me now šŸ˜› ) Hope all is going well! Also, you have some really good work on your site! I look forward to more!

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