Still Life - Photorealism study (3D render)

We had to inspire ourselves with a still life painting. I chose to use Baker’s painting :

Made using Softimage and photoshop!


2D-3D comp test with the Merry-Go-Round – WIP



So, this is the same render, same object, but this time I just tried to put it in a 2D (picture that I took a few minutes ago) environment. It’s only a test, I’m looking for a better way of showing it’s actually on the surface (I still feel like it’s floating a bit). When I get something better, I’ll post it!

Photo manipulation! :D

Here’s my last work on photoshop! It’s a photo manipulation from a picture that I took in Casablanca, Morroco (The Hassan II Mosque). I took other pictures for this montage, so here are the references!

col_shra machin: