Ma Vie Sur Terre – Teaser

Hello everybody!

This is the teaser of my class’ final bachelor’s project. We are working on a short film which will depict the difficult life of a young man, who will later turn around and change his future.

For this project, I am co-responsible for the coordination of the team (15 people), and I also work as a layout and lighting artist on some shots. As I aspire to become a layout artist in a full-CG pipeline, this serves as a good experience!


Click here for the teaser


Having fun with lights again :)

Using the famous Max Rig, a free lamp mesh from Creative Crash, and a nightsky picture from

This is a piece that I would eventually like to put into my portfolio. I only need to put a decent-looking flame in the lamp and also some material applied to the columns behind the Max Rig. It’s not an animation, but it could become one. Right now I’m just worrying about the lighting 🙂

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